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ALAS was a mid 1970s, mostly instrumental progressive rock group in Argentine rock. They were also one of the major players in the tango-rock movement in Argentina during that period, alongside Rodolfo Mederos's group and Invisible. In spite of their short existence, many prog-rock fans view ALAS as one of the most original sounding in their genre.

Gustavo Moretto had left Alma y Vida to embark on a more ambitious musical project. He was eventually joined by drummer Carlos Riganti (formerly of Materia Gris), and by Alex Zuker, which became the original line up for ALAS. They made their live debut at the IFT Theater in 1975. ALAS gained rapid word-of-mouth praise for their live performances and for the instrumental virtuosity of its members.

By the end of the year they released a single: "Rincon, mi viejo rincon", a nice melody with a clear "porteno" sound ("porteno" is anything related or from Buenos Aires), the back side featured the track "Aire (surgente)", an instrumental with great technical skill.

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