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2 Minutos

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2 Minutos or Dos Minutos are a punk rock band from Argentina. They are one of the most important bands of the genre to emerge in argentine rock in the 1990s, highly influential across the Spanish-speaking world, and also popular in the punk scene of the United States despite the language barrier.

The group continued to play the local circuits in the early 1990s. In 1992, the band participated in a collective album produced by an independent label called Mentes Abiertas, with its songs "Ya No Sos Igual" and "Arrebato" catching the attention of the Polygram Label, who would sign the band soon after.

1994 would be the studio album debut for 2 Minutos. Valentin Alsina was named in honor of their hometown, and it turned into a bigger hit than even the band or the label had expected on the back of the hit single "Ya no sos Igual" ("You're not the same anymore"), about a corner store clerk whom they found out was also a Federal Police officer. A controversy erupted however between the band and "Pil Trafa", a member of Los Violadores, with Pil Trafa accusing 2 Minutos of having "un-punk" lyrics about beer, football, and street fighting, which he considered those of bored, middle-class 90s suburban kids.

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